The Châteaux G. Arpin estate is located 2 km away from the village of Pomerol, in the hamlet of Maillet, less than 900 meters of famous Petrus or Château Cheval Blanc.

Unlike the others, Châteaux G. Arpin produces wines from four different appellation areas, among the best: Pomerol, Saint-Emilion, Lalande-de-Pomerol and Montagne Saint-Emilion.

The 40-hectares vineyard stretches on both sides of the road from Pomerol to Montagne Saint-Emilion and of the Barbanne river. Those are the limits of these four prestigious appellations.



From over a century, Châteaux G. Arpin elaborate wines which are present on the best table.

Today, Châteaux G. Arpin still remains a family estate and is led by Gaël Arpin, descendant of the estate founder.
A bit of history...
When he came back from World War I in 1919, Jean-Baptiste ARPIN (Gaël’s paternal great-grandfather), purchased one hectare in Pomerol, on a life-annuity basis. This was the beginning of a fine family story that has been going on for four generations.
Through hard work, Jean-Baptiste developed the estate and acquired vines in Pomerol, Lalande-de-Pomerol and Saint-Emilion. The family on his mother’s side also grows vines in Montagne Saint-Emilion.
Guy and Sylviane ARPIN (Gaël’s grandparents) became in charge of the different estates and in turn, developed them. When they retired, Gérard, their son, took over from them. His main concern was to increase the quality of the wines, and he invested in high-tech equipments.
Today, Gaël (Gérard's son) is the general manager. Even though modernising the equipments is their priority they go on increasing the surface of their vineyard. The saga continues with Glenn and Graham, Gaël's sons. 



Châteaux G. Arpin estate encompasses four chateaux: Château Franc-Maillet, with 5.8 hectares in Pomerol, Vieux Château Gachet, with 6.5 hectares in Lalande-de-Pomerol, Château La Fleur Chantecaille, with 3.6 hectares in Saint-Emilion and Château Gachon with 23 hectares in Montagne Saint-Emilion.

These four appellations cover plateaux with good draining conditions and sun-exposure.

Château Franc Maillet benefits from a gravely to silica-and-gravel soil, Vieux Château Gachet and Château Gachon a silica-and-clay soil, with 15% limestone and clay for the latter, and Château La Fleur Chantecaille a silt-and-sand soil.

These soils provide each of these four wines with an identity of its own. In an even subtler approach, Gaël ARPIN tends to have an idea of the soil that is closer to that in Burgundy, in so far as he selects different terroirs on each plot of vine, in order to increase the complexity of the blending to come, as the cuvee “Jean-Baptiste” shows.


Merlot is predominant and makes the wines round and fleshy. As for Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, they bring fineness and structure respectively.

The harmonious blending of these different grape varieties according to the specificity of each vintage and soil produces rich and elegant wines in Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, and powerful wines in Lalande-de-Pomerol and Montagne Saint-Emilion.
At Châteaux G. Arpin, we perform green harvesting, leaf thinning and extreme maturity (we often are the latest estate to harvest in the area).



With three wineries fitted with thermo regulated vats made of stainless steel and steel with a purpose-made coating, Gaël is able to work on the vinification to the tenth of a degree. During the vatting stage, the maceration process is so accurate that it allows a considerably better extraction of the colours, tannins and aromas.

After alcohol fermentation and a break moment, wines are poured into new or one-wine french oak casks. They stay there for a year.
During this period, oak wood passes on tannins and secondary aromas to wines.
Bottling is the final stage. No filtering is carried out before, in order to keep the richness of the wines.



Château Franc-Maillet (Pomerol) is a well-rounded wine, with great fineness and a fine dark ruby colour. It reflects the warmth of the graves and sand. Good balance in the mouth with a nice liquorice finish.

Château La Fleur Chantecaille (Saint-Emilion) is a wine with great fineness and red fruit aromas. They evolve towards redcurrant and acidulous fruit notes.
Château Gachon (Montagne Saint-Emilion) is a robust and powerful wine with nice blackcurrant flavours.
Vieux Château Gachet (Lalande-de-Pomerol) is a wine that harmoniously blends the robustness of the Montagne Saint-Emilion and the fineness of the Saint-Emilion.
These four wines have a great ageing potential.


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